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Welcome back to the New NZ Casinos blog where we bring you the very best in online pokies, online casinos in NZ and more. In today’s blog entry we review one of the latest games by leading software developers International Gaming Technologies (IGT) ‘Sex and the City’ slot game. So grab your Manhattans, dust off your glad rags and channel your inner Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha as we review ‘Sex and The City Slots’.

IGT has teamed up with American production company HBO to bring the glamour of the famous four girls directly to you with their latest venture ‘Sex And The City Slots’. IGT is known for their television and movie-themed online pokies games and fans of the show will no doubt be wowed with their latest addition to their impressive roster of online pokies. The global smash hit show aired for over 6 years and spawned two films as viewers from around the world followed the lives, trials and tribulations of the fab four.

Win (Mr.) Big

The Sex and the City pokies game is a groundbreaking game that is a first in many ways. The game is the first Megajackpots game to offer the brilliant Multiplay feature meaning that as a multi-level progressive player you don’t have to worry about winning big as the feature is already in the game. Whatsmore, the large jackpots are not the only thing you can win bit at in this pokies game. In the vein of the girls loves of multitasking, the Multiplay feature lets you play four games at once. Four games mean four different chances to win big and let you cash in up to four times the money.

Sex and the City online slot configuration

Sex and the City are configured to help you, the player wins the most you can (something we always like!). The five reels game features 30 +20 line and a 50-credit x four a clear nod to the glamorous foursome. Each game has 30 pay lines as well as the opportunity to make a 20 credit side wager to maximise your returns. To cover all four games you need to bet at least 200 credits per spin. What we love is that if you want to bet the maximum amount you actually get more bang for your buck only needing to bet three credits across the four lines for a total of 600 credits, effectively giving you a free spin. For the maximum wager you will part with around $6 NZD which may seem a lot but if you factor in the extras such as the five top-level bonus games – it represents great value for money.

Brilliant Bonuses

Who doesn’t like a bonus? The MegaJackpots bonus feature is really what sets Sex and the City apart from other online pokies. When the right symbols appear across the games your playing you have the chance to win big. In addition to the excellent Mega Jackpot feature, players also have the chance to win big by activating the five unique bonus games. According to IGT with all four games activated the bonus hit frequency is around 1 in 25 plays.

Keeping with the theme of the game the five bonus games all capture the excitement of the hit TV show and are named in typical Sex and the City fashion: Simply Fabulous, Progressive Pink Bonus, Perfect Present Bonus, Hello Lover! And Change of Dress Bonus.

The Simply Fabulous bonus lets players choose from several jewellery boxes that reveal the total reward when put together.

The ‘perfect present’ feature is a free bonus game that triggers up to 15 gift boxes on the screen. One of our favourite bonuses, the reels that contain these bonuses turn into scattering players that award the bonuses.

Change of Dress is another great bonus and one of the most popular as it allows you to choose your favourite character from the show (probably Samantha) and change their outfit whilst you collect awesome prizes in the progress.

Finally, Hello Lover! The bonus which lets you win five free spins. The keep an eye out for the ‘locking’ symbol that is introduced here as it raises your chances of winning.

In a statement, HBO Licensing and Retail Vice President said,  “We made sure the game would resonate with fans by including iconic moments and quotes from the series, including everyone’s favourite Carrie mantra that is repeated by devotees around the world – ‘hello lover’.”

The officially licensed game is now available to play online and we know that Kiwi fans of the show have been itching to give those reels a spin. Keep up to date with the latest online pokies games with New NZ Casinos and let our experts help you win big.




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