Payment Options

The best payment options for online New Zealand casinos
At New NZ Casinos we not only offer our online players the very best deals, choice of exciting games and an industry leading online casino review system but we also give you advice as to the most trusted and secure payment methods available. As part of our in depth reviews and rating system we individually score casinos on their ease of payment methods. All of the top online casinos in New Zealand and the best online pokies in New Zealand that we work with accept the following payment methods allowing you to focus on gaming and to collect your winnings with ease and security.

Before registering with a new online casino, be sure to check what payment methods they accept and the withdrawal times, sometime this can vary dramatically depending on the deposit method and online casino. Most of the online casinos operate internationally so sometimes their payment methods suit them better than you, so choose a casino that offers the most for your deposit without hidden fees or crazy withdrawal times.

Paysafecards are becoming increasingly popular within the online casino world as a method of payment for online gambling transactions. A prepaid payment card, Paysafecards are ideal for online players who do not want to use their personal banking details to pay.  Why choose a Paysafe card?

  • Bank details never passed on to the merchant (use of a pre-paid card)
  • You can add different multiples of credit
  • You pay online using your 16 digits secure PIN
  • You can also pay online with just your username and password
  • Paysafe offers exclusive rewards within their loyalty programme

Neteller is a globally recognised payment system used in over 200 countries and by millions of people across the globe. Neteller works by creating an e-wallet where you store, move and manage your money. Once you create your account and deposit  money into the e-wallet your credit card and bank details are not visible to the merchant who you pay. Likewise, your winnings are transferred to the e-wallet that are transferred to your bank account to be withdrawn.

  • Fast, secure and easy to use
  • Bank details never passed on to merchant (Use of an e-wallet)
  • Accepted across thousands of gaming sites
  • Quick way to cash out
  • Ability to pay in a range of currencies
  • Free to use

Visa is one of the biggest payment providers in the world and is a household name. Visa is accepted by almost every online casino due to its security, ease of use, speed in payments and ease of withdrawal. Registering your Visa card couldn’t be simpler, register your card with your chosen casino, store the details and start playing.

  • Global leader in payments
  • Accepted almost universally
  • Fast, secure, easy to use
  • Store details for faster use and withdrawal

Bank payments are one of the most established forms of payment accepted by online casinos. Much like using Visa, players prize this payment option due to its familiarity, speed of use and ease of withdrawal. Much like a Visa payment, you simply register your card details that are securely stored and start to play!

  • Ease of use
  • Security features
  • Speed of withdrawal

Payment Method FAQ’s

Is a mobile casino safer for dealing with my money?

Yes, due to the fact that you are playing online pokies, you do not have to carry around large sums of money on your person. If you want to play a game you more than likely will have to go take out some money from your card which carries the risk of losing the sum of money. With the huge returns which are associated with pokies, your returns will be given to you virtually which again, adds to that element of safety as you are in control of your own passwords and data security. The main benefit of playing online is being able to withdraw straight into your bank account with ease, allowing you to make the most of your winnings without the wait.

Swirl MasterCard; the perfect alternative to a bank account

Swirl MasterCard gives customers some of the best benefits of a bank account and a credit card without the need for either!! Are you tired of experiencing unexpected bank charges and filling out lots of paperwork? If you want to protect and keep better control of your money then Swirl MasterCard has the answer!!

Approval Guaranteed*
  • 100% acceptance if you are over 16, reside in Republic of Ireland and hold a valid Passport or Driver’s Licence*
  • Open an account without documents, interviews or delays
  • No minimum income, balance or employment requirements
  • Buy online in a few minutes
No hidden fees; complete visibility
  • No overdraft, late payment or interest charges
  • Simple account management; track balance and spending online 24/7
  • Purchase items up to the value of $2,500
  • Extend your limit to $15,000 free of charge
Bill Pay Made Easy
  • Make payments to any companies that accept debit or credit cards
  • Manage the payment of utility bills such as electricity or telephone over the phone or online
  • Set up regular payments for anything from satellite to broadband
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