Nektan’s Queen of the Skies

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It is quite widely known that Queen of the skies this basically a solitaire game that has turned into a multiplayer, semi-role-playing extravaganza.

The overall idea of this game is that you have one or perhaps several B-17’s – depending on just how lucky you are – and you are dispatched to missions all across Europe. With the pretext – being that of a quite straightforward nature, you can brush of fighters, drops bombs and fight with all you got until you make it home. While we are fans of the WWII focused games, it must be said that B-17 is not normally something our passionate players would break out and play so quickly.

But when myself and a few co-workers were shown this variant game by Mike Moore and Chris Renaut – well, of course, this made us turn our heads a little. What this resulted in for us was that the vanilla – the basic board game that we once knew was, in fact, turned into a great deal of fun due to the fact that you can play alongside 30 other people.

I must note that it does at times lose a little realism but I mean you can look over this for sure when you take into account the sheer excitement and interaction that comes with playing this online casino game. We suggest breaking the players up into groups of 6 and continue to divide them up until your squadrons are formed. It is this group aspect that gives a real twist to the old school B-17 game in our opinion. – Be entertained for hours by cheering on your squadmates, console them on their losses or even have moments of compassion with the other squadrons – well, maybe.

Find yourself head first on missions to French-occupied factories or rail yards in Germany but with an added level of complexity, occasional goofiness and not to mention pure indulgent excitement. Find yourself getting a true thrill on beating your own personal score to see just how long you can survive against the opponents – push yourself to the links to see what it takes to get yourself home in just about one piece.  

While the mechanics of the system are pretty much the very same as the solitaire game, you can now also run charts and roll the dice till your heart’s content. For anyone who is familiar with the game, or if you’re a newcomer – it’s all good as the rules are really simple to follow. You will find you can play the game first time around with real ease. Some of the most interesting missions of late have been the Achtung London bombing which is listed in captured B-17, Fatherland Express – Germany and High Yield Tango (Nuke).

A bit like marmite, you will more than likely love or hate solitaire games. However, we think that B-17 is definitely worth your while if you are looking to give this type of game a try. As multiplayer games go – this is a high shiner.

(Reviewers Note: B-17 at this moment in time is only really produced for Denver, USA players, however, keep an eye out for this down the line as Nektan are always growing their radius of gaming).


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