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Welcome back to the New NZ Casinos Reviews’ blog where we bring you the very best in online casinos NZ, Online pokies and more. Now, it is no secret that we are huge gamers! We have worked in the industry for, and we are showing our age a bit, a combined total of 50 years! That’s right, our three member team, small but packs a punch we add, have worked for over 5 decades in the world of both online and offline casinos. In today’s entry we share our insights and explain why we are so passionate about mobile casinos. Not just mobile casinos but the best mobile casinos New Zealand has to offer.

In our short blog we give you 5 reasons why you should be gaming on the go and try out our tried and tested mobile casinos New Zealand

Variety of games

Did you know that in the world of online casinos mobile gaming is evolving faster than desktop gaming? That’s right, top software providers such as Netent, Microgaming and Nektan are all increasingly developing more games for mobile devices. This upsurge in developers creating mobile casino games in NZ and the world shows a shift away from desktop gaming. Don’t worry though! Desktop casinos will still be around for a long time, it’s just that the industry is evolving with technology and consumer trends. We sat down and had a chat between ourselves after a busy day reviewing new games and all came to the same conclusion: Mobile gaming is the future and it’s time to get playing!

Optimised to play on the go

So, we’re sure that most of you reading this have a mobile phone or tablet. In fact you may even own both. We all know the flexibility and ease that having a mobile gives you. You can text anyone, make calls easily and use all of your favourite apps. You carry it everywhere. Our routine when we go out is always check 1) Keys 2) Cards 3) mobile phone. If anything, and we know you’ve heard someone say it, you may feel lost without your mobile phone. With this in mind developers know that phones have become a part of us and mobile casinos are catching up to this. The best mobile casinos in New Zealand are optimised to run efficiently and smoothly on your mobile device and offer a superior gaming experience than trying to access a desktop casino on a mobile device.

Play anytime, anywhere

We hate waiting. We really do. We can’t even begin to tell you how long we have had to wait to play our favourite games in a casino or even on a desktop. Also, how frustrating is it when you get into your game and you’re playing and winning but have to stop to go out? With mobile casinos this simply isn’t an issue. Take your favourite games with you and play where ever and whenever you want! Mobile casinos give you the freedom to game and choose to play your favourite games when and how you want.

Android or iPhone

So, this debate rears its head once more! Android or iPhone! We won’t go into the specifics of what handset or brand is better (its a touchy subject for our team you see) but we will tell you once thing. In the world of online casinos both Android and iPhone users are embraced. That’s right the big developers know that there is a huge amount of gamers on both systems and develop their games accordingly.

Dedicated gaming apps 

Finally, speaking of games that are developed accordingly mobile casinos go one step further. As in one of our previous points where we mention that games are optimised for mobile play developers have cleverly gone one step further and created dedicated gaming apps for all of your favourite online casino games. From mobile pokies to mobile poker, there is a huge amount of apps that run amazingly on mobile devices. What this means is that you have an exciting experience (think sounds, graphics and more) that offers your an enjoyable and exciting product.




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