How to: know if an online casino is reliable

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With online casinos growing in popularity over the last few years, it is no surprise that new online casinos are popping up left right and centre to get in on the action. While from the surface, it would seem that many of the casinos offer a fantastic array of bonuses and games. Yet others may lure you in with better than ever deposit and payment methods we have seen from experience that when you take off your rose tinted glasses and get down to the real nitty gritty with these casinos – check out their wagering requirements as well as their terms and conditions, you may wish you looked before you leapt so to speak.

  • Therefore as a rule of thumb, we have put all casinos into three categories to make sure that you stay out our deep waters and know what kind of casino you are getting yourself involved with
  1. Reliable and respectable
  2.  comparatively reliable
  3.  Suspicious

How To Check Whether An Online Casino Is Reliable

Some simple but efficient ways to check if a casino is reputable and reliable is to check out their licences and properly read their terms and conditions. While this may seem obvious, we can’t mention how many times we have seen players get bitten by not doing their homework as they thought that a casino ‘looked’ the part. Many casinos will provide sites with their own ratings, can be hard to know what is honest and what is paid for.
So do your research, see what other players are saying about the casinos. Take a few pieces of feedback and if the average of the comments falls into one of the three categories, you can be sure that it is more honest and up to date than any review that was paid for.

What To Look For On The Website?

While we recommend going to the terms and conditions page to find out their deposit and wagering information pretty much straight away, it is also essential to suss out a casinos homepage to see what licenses and allowances that they have clearly stated.

The following list of items will tell you all you need to know about an online casino and which category it will fall under.

(look out for the following items on a casino website):
1. professional license partnership
2. Casino and gambling authorities (UK and Malta – best in the business)
3. security encryption
4. Types of Software providers
5. Payment Methods
6. Authority check for casino online honest play stated

Focusing in on the honest play rule, casinos should provide their audience members with random results for all bets in order to give a fair gaming experience. If a casino gets regular checks in relation to this, well you can be sure that they have nothing to hide and they more than likely are a reliable casino.

Gaming online with a reliable casino

The final but one of the most important aspects when doing your homework on an online casinos reputation is their level of security. Make sure your data is going to be safe no matter how little personal information you put into an online casino, you want every last bit of it to be safe. The level or lack of security will be outlined in their terms and conditions or within their privacy policy. Look out for the basic protection which is SSL encryption which encodes all information and data that is processed by the casino website, if the site doesn’t have this, then say toodles to the games on that site you had your eye on. No pokies game is worth that kind of hassle. Another clear sign of the casinos level of respect and reputation when it comes to safety is who they are working with. As the saying goes, you are the company you keep, so if you see software providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, you can certain that the casino is one you want to play with an established and respected provider like these are going to look after players. The same goes for payment providers, if you don’t see any providers that you are familiar with or comfortable depositing with, we would suggest that this isn’t the best sign. Providers such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard, these are the type of companies you want to be drawn to as you will be guaranteed that your money is going to where it should.

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