How to find a good Online Casino – Payments & Withdrawals

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Sometimes it is not as simple as we would like to pick an online casino when you want to play. There is, of course, a lot of things we need to take into account. Nowadays it seems that there is too much choice when it comes to a lot of things, If we had a smaller list, it would be a 50 50 choice which of course saves you a headache.

However, with time comes experience and we have been working in the casino business longer than we may like to admit (showing our age) and we have learnt how to save time when looking for the right casino to play with depending on your gaming needs.

So, first things first, it is so important to make sure that you look out for the wagering requirements and the time set given to withdrawing. As a gambler, you need to be in the know and never sign up to any casinos without going in with your eyes wide open. Take, for example, you see a shiny new casino welcome bonus that looks very attractive but you don’t look into how you can get your money out of if you can even get your money out when you win. At times wagering requirements can offer to make you play with your winnings 50 to 100 times before you can withdraw or access your cash. If that is something you are used to and don’t mind as you are just in to play and play then that is perfect. However, some gamblers like to sign up, win a bit of cash, withdraw a portion and then play on with whatever is left,. This is where players get themselves in a mess.

This results from the multiple choices that you have, and an important element that you can look out for is the withdrawal. If you are a gambler, you have to be concerned about how you receive your winnings, especially if you are in the pool of those who require them quickly, efficiently and safely. , if you want to distinguish between good and bad casino with regard to payments, you have to consider the following areas.

Withdrawal pending: what you need to know

A casinos system of withdrawals tells a lot about a casino overall.
Make sure you know the withdrawal pending times for a casino as some vary from instantly to 5-7 days. The withdrawal method you use can also affect this. Make sure you take note of these sort of details and so you are not stuck waiting for your cash after you have won if this is something you are comfortable with or not.

Large withdrawal limits: What you need to know

Another thing we recommend you check out straight away is if a casino has a maximum withdrawal limit a month. If you shop around, you will find larger withdrawal limits that will suit you. Some casinos will offer daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal. For example, if you win a couple of thousands of NZ dollars, you can withdraw as quickly as you want. Others may have limits to how much you can take out at any one time and there is also a few casinos which have a set limit for the entire month. This limit often sums up to a total of 3000 to 5000 NZ dollars. We recommend that you know what you are looking for before you even look to see what games are on offer. This will allow you to see if a casino is worth your time. Our casinos are the ones with increased withdrawal limits because they want to see their players winning and ready to pay as much as you want of your winnings.

Multiple withdrawal methods

If you want a good online casino, multiple withdrawal methods is a factor worth considering. Most of these casinos will have several withdrawal options that you can choose. Since your withdrawal anchors on the payment methods that you choose for your account, it is only good to have withdrawal choices. If the casino that in which you want to play has one or two methods of withdrawal, it is better to expand your choices because there are many casinos that offer multiple choices in the market than what you currently have.

A mix and match of payment options: what you need to know


Another aspect to look out for is the mix of payment options. A good online casino should have a mix of debit and credit card options, e-wallet options and other bank transfer methods. Cheque and prepaid cards. What you need to know is the processing time of the mode of payment that you are using. Once the money is approved by the casino, it is sent via your payment methods of choice. Note that the casino can only give you a guide on the duration it will take until it comes to you.

Our final tip to look out for the fees that come attached when you withdrawal. Not every casino has this but makes sure you know if the casino you are interested in has them or not in case it cuts away at your profit. If a casino does have a fee attached, they are generally never over 2%. If your casino is constantly charging anything more than that, it is time to look for a new casino.

To summarise, make sure you check out our reviews which we have listed for each of our casinos. Overall, are casinos to vary but when you play via our site, we can assure you that all the casinos we have listed can be trusted. As well as that we have worked hard to get the best possible bonus and promotions for you so when you sign up and deposit via our website, you can rest assured you are getting the very best that is out there.

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