How to become a professional at blackjack

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Beginner’s Guide to blackjack

Blackjack is a real classic when it comes to casino games. One of which has aged gracefully and has adapted extremely well the ever-changing industry with its transition to online games. With movies, TV shows and books crafted around the skill and strategy which comes with such a game, it takes a real gamer to start and continue playing such a game.

With that being said, you should never approach a blackjack table with fear or view it as intimidating. It is important when you are starting out with Blackjack to strip it down to the basic rules of the game in order to get your head around what it is all about. The rules of the game are quite basic and can, in fact, be learnt in no time at all.

The blackjack Table Explained

Let’s break it down and make it nice and simple for you. Starting with the overall objective of this game. All players are in with the aim to be the first to hold a hand of cards which make up a total sum of 21. Unlike some other table games, within online blackjack, players don’t actually play against one another. It is the dealer who is seen as the opponent in this case.

What to experience when you play blackjack online or in a casino for the first time

Your view of the screen when playing online blackjack will be a semi-circle, including yourself there will either be a total of five to seven players and of course the dealer at the top of the table. It must also be mentioned that with the advances in an online casino, one-one-one Blackjack is now also very common. This allows you to play against the dealer when there are no other players online at the time.

How To Play Blackjack

Each of the players has their turn to place their bet at each of the betting boxes on the table. At this time, the dealer distributes cards from left to right allowing each player a total of two cards with are facing upwards. The dealer then gives himself two cards, one of which is facing up and the other which is facing down.

Now you have a better concept of how the table is set up, it is time to get into the nitty-gritty of how the game really works. Lucky for you, as a beginner, playing Blackjack is very straightforward. In front of each player, there will be a designated betting space on the table. Each of the players must place their desired amount of chips in this area in order to begin the game. I must note that there is also a minimum and maximum amount placed within the game of Blackjack which players must abide by when placing their wagers. This, of course, will depend on the individual game.

Playing blackjack is very straightforward: the first thing that players need to do is simply place their desired amount of chips on the designated betting space on the table. There are minimum and maximum amounts that players must abide by when placing their wagers, which usually depend on the individual game.

When each of the players has placed their bets, the dealer will then distribute the cards. The player on the lefthand side of the dealer will play first and they must decide themselves if they want to ask for another card or not in order to reach the desired sum of 21. If this player’s cards add up to a sum higher than 21, this is referred to as ‘going bust’ and the dealer will then collect the bet wagered by this player.

Online blackjack lingo explained.

Hit: If you are looking for another card from the dealer, all you have to do is simply tap the table in order to signal to him that you are looking for another card.

Stand: This term is referred to when you don’t want any more cards. You may also refer to this stage as ‘stick’, ‘stand pat’, ‘stay’ or by using a sideways gesture of your hands.

You don’t want any more cards to be dealt. Other terms used include; ‘stand pat’, ‘stick’ and ‘stay’ or a sideways gesture of the hand.

Insurance bet:

This may be used by a player if they notice that the dealer has ace displayed within their cards. The insurance bet is a bet on half of your original wager and if in the end, the dealer does, in fact, have a 21, you will win double your insurance bet but you will, however, lose your original bet. This is used for players who have a big wager on the table and don’t fancy a big loss, it is the safer bet at times rather than simply waiting it out and hoping for the best.


You can opt-in for a split, the dealer will treat your cards as two different hands which can often double your chances of winning.

Double Down:

Doubling down is simply doubling your bet and being awarded just one more card.

Becoming Familiar With blackjack Variants

With blackjack holding its spot as one of the most popular online casino game, it is important to make sure you are aware of all the different variants of the game in case you go to pay and are only familiar with the one type. It is also handy to have such a variety as it means you can still play your favourite game but have the option of changing things up when you fancy it also.

Spanish 21:

This version of blackjack gives players a more liberal approach to the classic rules. Here, players are able to double down on any number of cards.

21st Century blackjack:

This type of blackjack is played with several decks and allows players to take it in turns to be the dealer for any set number of hands they so wish.

Super Fun 21:

Allows players to split up their deck a total of four times.

Now put your knowledge of blackjack to the test.

It may seem that there is a lot to blackjack but once you begin to rack up your experience, you will take to it easier than you think. Feel free to report back to this article if you find you are lacking a bit of confidence at times. However true confidence when playing the game will only come with experience so why not get out there and try your hand with NewNZreviews.


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