We know all you need to Know about Kiwi casinos

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The best new online casinos

In the busy world of new online casinos, It can be a tough task to filter out the good casinos from the bad. Many players jump from one casino to another and this can be both times consuming and unsatisfying if you can’t find what you are looking for. Thankfully, as industry professionals, it is our job to make your life a whole lot easier. While we can recommend that casinos that list software providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are going well-respected and professional sites as you are the company you keep.

However, with so many new casino bonuses and new casino offers coming at you whenever you enter a comparison site,  you can still get overwhelmed by the number of casinos out there and get confused as to which one to pick. It is because of this pain point our players experience on a daily basis, we clearly outline the best casinos at the moment in a clear to follow casino table. We rank the top casinos in a numerical order so you can easily scan over to see which casino suits you best. With links to our in-depth reviews, there is also the chance to further look into the pros and cons of any of the new online casinos we have listed to hopefully make your decision that little bit easier.

As for keeping our bonuses high and our standards higher, We look to only work with legitimate and well-respected new online casinos. Therefore, any of the casinos which you find listed on our sites, you have 100 per cent piece of mind that you can trust the casino to be safe and secure in terms to both your data and your bankroll.

In relation to terms and conditions, contact details and license details, all of this information must be clear and easy to find, otherwise, we would never recommend any of these online casino 2018 websites.  Any professional casino website will have nothing to hide and therefore will have all the information you need laid out for you to indulge in whenever you like and give you full customer satisfaction that you can play with ease on their online casino.

When it comes to payments, you may ask which is the safest manner as it can always be scary to enter your bank details on a site you are not too familiar with.  The questions you must ask is, does this website have the safety measures in place to ensure my money is safe and secure at all times? Does this new online casino have the online payment method that I am familiar and comfortable with? Once a casino is listed on our site, we can guarantee that your money will be safe. All payment options and FAQ’s on a new online casino should be easily accessed via their payment provider page or at the bottom of their website within their quick links section. If you have any questions, make sure to contact the online casino before you proceed to deposit any cash or enter any of your information.

How can I deposit and withdrawal cash with my new online casino?

If you want to use your credit card or you prefer online e-wallets? We are happy to say that all the options of payment are clearly laid out on all our partner websites which means you don’t get any nasty surprises when you go to deposit or withdraw your funds. Just make sure to check out your payment options when signing up for a new online casino to ensure there is no issue. The best online casinos offer their customers a high standard of customer service which is more than likely around the clock so as stated previously, contact a member of the casino support team before you take any further action. For example, Dunder casino, NY Spins and Play OJO  casino are just a handful of our casino partners that offer top quality customer service which is very important to us as it keeps our players happy. Offering support in several languages, including Kiwi, you will have the ability to get your issue solved in a quick and convenient manner if the situation arises.

Casino bonuses and free spins with new casino games online

As mentioned above, casino bonuses and free spins are a great way to get to try out new games without having to use much of your own cash. You can also use these bonuses and free spins in order to increase your chances of winning big. A casino bonus gives you more game for your money, as a new player, you can often get a deposit doubled with allows you a predetermined amount of free rebounds which allows you to deposit and bet a smaller sum at the start in order to try several different types of games.  

While casino bonuses and free spins can often look very tempting from the service, they can also come in many different forms when we look beneath the surface. It can be hard to pick which casino may have the best bonus options for you personally.  Especially if you don’t know how the several different bonuses on offer break down over time. We offer you our in-depth reviews and our list of casinos which we have done a long-term analysis on to make sure you know as much as possible in order for you to decide if one casino may be better for you than another. We are constantly updating our reviews, our structure of ranking as we keep in the loop of what our players are enjoying and what their current pain points are in order to keep you all satisfied and on top of all the best offers that the casino industry has to offer.

The world of online casino games for new casino players

If you are new to online gaming, it may seem all a bit much to try and take in all the information that has been thrown at you to try and make you play with the new online casinos. As it is our focus to make your online experience as enjoyable as possible, We have listed the five most common types of casino bonuses to try and but some sense to all the information that is being thrown at you.

A Deposit bonus (also known as match bonus),  cash-back bonus, free money, free spins without deposit requirements and free spins with deposit requirements. A deposit bonus can often double your first deposit, for example, get 1000 KR bonus when you deposit 1000 KR. A bonus that gives free money usually gives a max of  500-1000 for free for you to try out and test the various casino games without risk.

Note that you will have to convert your bonus a number of times before you can withdraw.  This will be outlined in the terms and conditions.

A Cashback bonus is not as common but these bonuses allow you to deposit a certain amount and if you lose the money then they will be refunded a certain sum of the cash as a cash-back bonus.

Free spins, on the other hand, allow you to take a go at a game without having to pay for it. These are usually on a frequently selected slot machine. free spins with deposit requirements usually provide over 100 free spins.

As we have partnerships with new, top end casinos, many of the bonuses and offers listed on our sites are exclusive to Nat casino Svenska. We have made sure to negotiated these exclusive bonuses in order to produce the best possible casino experience for our players. 

How to pick the best online NZ casino if you are looking to play real money pokies

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We work hard to bring you the best data which is researched by the industry professionals in order to deal you all the best online casinos, reviews and bonuses that you can handle.

The first set in the process is to register with a new NZ pokies site. You can do this by entering your details on some of the most popular NZ casinos.  We would recommend Dunder, Jackpot City or Riverbelle if you have not already tried out these online casinos. A quick tip for you to look out for if you are considering looking for a new online casino to gamble with, more than often, the sign-up process of a casino will tell a lot about the casino overall. Make sure that the pokies NZ site is easy and fast to sign up to, as this will give you an insight into just how your user experience will be overall with this particular online NZ casino.

The next stage in the progress of joining an online casino to start playing real money casinos is to do your research into what bonuses that best suit you for your gaming needs. Please note that before you sign up for a particular bonus, It is important for you to look into the terms and conditions which come with your pokie bonus no matter if it is a no deposit free spin bonus or $1 deposit free spin bonus, either way, each bonus will come with some wagering requirements attached or some sort of terms and conditions so be aware of these before you sign up.

Once you have become fully aware of the terms and conditions which are linked to your bonus of choice, then the next step is to either deposit into your bankroll or play with your free spins.

As we know ourselves, one of the most important aspects to playing pokies NZ is to get paid out. By having an NZ casino which has a fast and easy withdrawal time is key. Make sure to also look into this and be fully aware of the withdrawal times and methods you have to choose from as this will also help you to choose the best casino which you will hopefully stay with down the line.

We also recommend that you get familiar with the casino providers. Know what types of games are your favourite? Well if you are a big pokies fan, then make sure to check out our reviews to see which casinos are the best online pokies that NZ has to offer.

A kiwi’s guide to low wager bonuses in nz

Everyone’s loves free stuff and it is not much different when it comes to players and their online bonuses. However, online casino pros will know that not all bonuses were created equal. Anyone who is even somewhat familiar with online casinos will have figured out when it comes to bonuses, that it’s not just about the highest amount of free money that a casino can through at you that will keep you interested.

You can have two offers that offer a 100% bonus to choose from, but if you look at their terms and conditions you might find one is actually that little bit less attractive when you take off those rose tinted glasses. It is, in fact, the important terms and wagering requirements that tie you in long-term that give you the actual value of the bonus overall.

What’s a wagering requirement you ask? That’s the amount of real money you need use up or bet with before you can withdraw your winnings that were won using your bonus money. So, the lower the wagering requirement, the better the deal, because it means an easier and faster cash out. Thus, if you can win using your bonus money and not have to deposit much more of your own money before you can withdrawal than happy days.

While we have just given you a quick overview of what a wagering requirement is and that low means its better, we want to jump right in and give you the further in’s and out’s that come with casino bonuses and all that is involved.

The real value comes in the details. We’ve sourced some of the most played and trusted online casinos by New Zealanders, such as lucky nugget casino and Voodoo dreams casino and Jackpot city and we have compared and contrasted them all to see who has the lowest wagering bonuses.

But wait, that’s not all. There is also this thing called gaming contribution that affects the quality of the bonus, although this is mostly relevant for table game players and we have also thrown this into the mix to ensure the best possible insight for our readers to know all there is to know about the best bonuses around.

You’ll often see the contributions stated in the terms and conditions. It might say, for example, that slots contribute 100%, and blackjack and video pokers contribute 20%.

In straightforward English, it means that every single real money bet you make on pokies will go towards meeting the bonus’ wagering requirement.

On the other hand, if you are a blackjack aficionado, if you play $100 on blackjack, only $20 of that $100 will go towards the wagering requirement. Obviously, it is much harder for the blackjack player to meet the requirement.

Typically, most table games that involve strategy like Classic Blackjack and Hold’em, plus video pokers that are known for frequent and high payouts will have much lower contributions than pokies and jackpots. If you’re into these games or table pokers, then it is advised to play with real money and to think of bonus money as practice cash, because it’s generally not worth running after the wagering requirement. Table game players should keep an eye out for Live Casino bonuses because the terms behind these are much more suitable for table game play, compared to the standard bonuses that are catered to pokies.

To check and compare all bonuses and the wager requirements, head over to our bonus page or our casino review now.

Step by step instructions to Win at Roulette | Strategy and How to Play Roulette in NZ

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Roulette is one of the more classic and well-known casino games the world over.  With Australia and NZ falling to this beloved trend, the same number of nearby speculators love to play roulette in both land-based and online casinos. New NZ casino reviews have created this article to give you the inside scoop to winning big on an online casino in NZ for online Roulette.

The vast majority of them lose cash over the long haul, as the house edge gives the dealer a tremendous preferred standpoint. However, with using this format to your advance, there’s an alternate way that you could enhance your outcomes overall. This blog post aims to demonstrate to every Kiwi player, the proper methodologies to pick up the preferred standpoint while playing roulette online in order to win hit the jackpot.

Pick the Best Possible Variation of Roulette

Since the roulette has been around for so long, there is a wide range of varieties of the diversion. The principles are diverse which significantly impacts your possibility for progress. For instance, the house edge in American roulette is 5.40% contrasted with 2.70% in European roulette in view of the twofold zero.

Normally, you need to discover the roulette alternative with the most minimal conceivable edge for the gambling club, as it will give you the best beginning stage for building a fruitful procedure. Since the Kiwi players have enough famous casinos, this shouldn’t be an issue.

A superior choice would be French roulette. It has some extra choices that will enable you to recoup half of your bet on the off chance that you set it on one of the even chances wagers. Therefore, the house edge could go the distance, down to total 1.40% –  which is phenomenal.

In uncommon cases, Kiwi punters can even discover roulette amusements with a lower edge at times. On this off chance that this is the situation, you should stick to them. What you ought to stay away from under any conditions is playing the American roulette. The house edge for this kind of roulette is huge, that it’s near difficult to beat it over the long haul.

Exploit Bonuses and Promotions

The NZ real money casino web-based betting business sector is substantial and the online casino world is urgently endeavouring to draw in however many clients they possibly can. So much so, that they are compelled to give away large bonuses and offers to remain appealing to their target audience.

if you are hoping to play some online Roulette, then it is certainly worth your while to have a look around at our casinos and see what offers and promotions seem to catch your eye the most. From Lucky Nugget Casino to Jackpot Casino NZ, we have the best new NZ casinos to play any of your favourite games or if you prefer, a long list of new games to tickle your interest.

While the size of some of these bonuses can be very appealing, we recommend that you to dependably check the T&C’s that come along with every casino offer. Since roulette can have a low house edge, some casinos are not likely to offer a massive bonus without any wagering requirements.  

Remain Disciplined

One of the keys to winning in a wide range of betting diversions is to keep a composed head. looking at a huge jackpot and jumping in before you have thought about it is one of the main mistakes kiwi players make on a daily basis. If you happen to find yourself in the lead, try not to get too arrogant: this one factor of gaming can often be forgotten. On the off chance that you hit a decent run and are in the black, be smart with your next moves.

Try not to play when you’re flushed: this ought to be self-evident, as it’s an awful plan to settle on any choices identified with cash when you’re tanked. Without a doubt, it may be fun yet the results are not justified, despite any potential benefits. Odds are, you will complete a group of imbecilic wagers and wind up losing a ton. Try to stay away from that mix up for the wellbeing of your roulette bankroll.

Principles For Playing Other Games

It could be somewhat exhausting to play just the roulette for a really long time. All things considered, you ought to recall this is one of the diversions that give you the most obvious opportunity to win when you feel demotivated.

To conclude, we recommend the following tips: Pick games with a lower house edge, set a budget so you don’t keep going to win back any misfortune, do your research on the game you are looking to play.

A-Z to new online casinos and reviews

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The following article detailing all you need to know about online casinos and how to get to know which reviews are worth trusting and how to know the quailty sites from the rest.

In the event that you’ve attempted to discover new sites to play online pokies as of late, you’ll probably have gone over an online casino review page, once or twice. Maybe you decided to check them out, in the hopes that you could gather insider bits of knowledge from the individuals who find out about the top new online NZ casinos in order to be ahead or the curve. Or on the other hand, perhaps you landed on an unfamiliar pokies site from a web crawler or advert you saw, promising you a no-nonsense breakdown on what you can expect from a given online casino or two. Either way, you find yourself wondering what is legit and what sites should you stay away from as you don’t want to be lead astray. While casino reviews are hugely useful for players (new and professional), like most things in life, many online sites can be sprung in order to optimise on all areas of self-promotion.

Surprise, surprise, the Internet isn’t a haven of honest data all the time and the level of fake news seems to be on the rise. This filters down to reviews of online casinos and pokie sites too, especially when you factor in that there’s cash in question if you sign up and deposit your own cash.

So how might you tell dependable, solid reviews from those written to persuade you to join at all expenses? Here are a couple of techniques you can use to ensure you’re getting the genuine picture.

Pick Your Reviewers Wisely

Some reviews really do what they say on the tin, and won’t sugar coat it in the event that they think something is missing or a component is absent. So when you’re perusing reviews, a great dependable guideline is to consider whether it sounds to be totally one-sided. Is it likely that you are seeing the whole story or is it more probable that the review has been bashed out rapidly in total favour of the online casino on topic?

On the off chance that you discover a reviewer or new NZ review site that you trust, that is something to be thankful for, we understand this and work hard in order to provide our website audience with honest and open reviews. If you enjoy our web page or some of the content we have provided you, we recommend that you bookmark our page and reach out if you ever have any questions about a particular online casino from New Zealand or the world over. We will do all we can to bring you an honest and in-depth review in order to keep you out of the dark and in the black

Read The Full Review

You would be astonished at what number of players who scan online casino pages for reviews, just to search for the key pointers before joining.  Recognizing dainty or fraud reviews are all the more troublesome in case you’re not really set aside the opportunity to peruse them completely – from beginning to end.

Once in a while, you’ll go over a review that looks legit. In any case, at that point, when you read to the base, you’ll go over cases of excessively limited time dialect, all this is intended to motivate you to click that claim button and open an account. Also, a few review pages may appear to be excessively positive, yet when you read all through them in detail, you find they are really real and honest – finish with significant reactions and issues that you may some way or another ignore.

Much the same as perusing the little print before you sign an agreement, you should read and concentrate on the casino review before you jump in and become locked into all the terms and conditions which come with the site. That way, you’ll be completely prepared to know if a particular casino is the right one for you.

Search For User Comments and Player Feedback

Don’t solely trust the reviewer – search for remarks from different players, and criticism from the individuals who have had unique interactions which online pokies sites.  A player remark can be worth far beyond a direct review as these players are on your side of the table looking for a similar outcome from each game (which is to win). It can be particularly helpful to have fellow players highlight the terrible components of any given gambling site as this player will more than likely have gone through the stages you were just about to, saving you time and money and a whole lot of hassle.

The more player feedback game insights you can discover organically or the variety of reviews you check, the more certain you can be that you will be in the know of where is best to spend your buck.


How to play Real Money Pokies like a Pro

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No matter if you been around for a long time or if you are a newcomer to online pokies in NZ, with new pokie sites and NZ casinos popping up all over the place, there is bound for something that you come across that you may not be too familiar with, whether it may be a new bonus or a particular offer you have never opted into before. While these bonuses and promotions tend to give you the upper hand against the casino, making your chances of winning real money with online casinos even bigger. That’s if you know to use them properly of course.

It must be said that you can find some pretty impressive online bonuses on the majority of pokie sites nowadays. However, it is not always easy no know what may be the best one to choose from. Of course, from a glance, the majority of sites can look very appealing. However, if you look below the surface, many have some pretty tight terms and conditions connected to them that in the long run may not suit you. This, of course, is something you must remind yourself of when searching for a new casino to play with. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and of course, this goes for casinos as they are not going to be willing to give away money to you without knowing you must play a bit more with them either before or after.

Take, for example, one of the top Kiwi casino sites decided to make their deposit bonuses a whopping 100% without any terms and conditions whatsoever. This would mean that you can sign up, deposit $200, receive $400 straight away and then you can simply withdraw your money as soon as possible. While that sounds like an absolute dream, naturally it’s not going to happen.

Because of this reality, NZ casinos have set in place watering requirements to make sure new players stay around for a while after they offer some free spins or bonuses. A wagering requirement simply means that if you win with any of the free cash you have been awarded on sign up, you must play with this money a few times before you can withdraw it altogether.

No in terms of the percentage of wagering etc, this completely depends on the NZ casino. Overall we highly recommend that you check out these terms and conditions and see what works best for you so you are not left with any hidden surprises when you choose to withdraw your winnings.

Another top online casino tip would be to search for game specific bonuses. For example, if you are a big fan of online pokies, make sure to find a particular casino that caters to this niche as many casinos can focus heavier on some types of games over others. This can easily result in you getting better options in order to get the best bang for your buck. Pokies in NZ are notorious for giving away large amounts of free spins which will be bound to keep you entertained for hours. Not to mention, a lot of money too, if you’re lucky.

If Roulette is more your thing, then you have just as much to choose from in terms of real money casinos with decent games to entertain you all you want. As one of the most classic and popular games, roulette is played and enjoyed the world over and it’s clear why. Why not give one of the casinos listed on Newnzcasinoreviews a chance now, what’s stopping you?

How to play successfully on real money casinos in NZ

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Play with Shorter Odds

While it is always fun to win $100 on a simple 1 dollar bet, one thing we recommend if you are on the fence is to play short odds. These type of odds will tell you who is the most popular contenders in the world of online pokies NZ. There is, of course, a reason why one game may be more popular than another, this is, of course, is because if you follow those who know what they are talking about, they tend to do their research and have the winnings to back it up. This tip goes for real online pokies in NZ too, we would recommend you look at the more popular casinos, do your research if you are new by checking out our professional reviews and make your decisions on what kiwi pokies to play by knowing the best odds and the better payouts.

For example, if you are playing NZ pokies, it can be smart to look around and see if there are any free spins when you sign up. This will allow you to play around with the casinos, get a feel for the sites and the software providers on these casino sites in order to win bigger when you do take that leap.

Don’t Bet on the House Edge

A house edge is the phrase given to the earnings new online NZ casino takes from each of your winnings. The general rule of thumb is that a casino will take a total of 2% of your winning from the game but where does that leave the remaining 98%?. Some people believe that this subtotal they bring home at the end of the day but that is not always the case. Be aware that a low edge does not mean you will be dealt blackjack, nor does it mean you will get a flush in poker, go into big rounds with your eyes open.

Great things come in smaller packages

Sometimes it can be of your benefit to seek smaller jackpots. Therefore depending on what game you are playing, from roulette for real money pokies, it will of course always be tempting to go straight for the games that have the eye-watering payoffs. However, these big totals have been gathered by the high numbers of people who have sought them. Smaller jackpots can sometimes mean bigger winner rates. Look out for patterns and make sure to put a bit of educated research on top of your ‘luck’.

No your limits when playing real Money Pokies

When it comes to playing online pokies in New Zealand or anywhere in the world, one of our biggest recommendations is to be effective with your money by setting a budget and sticking to it. This has been mentioned in our posts on the past but we can’t express enough just how important this is in order to be a successful Kiwi online gamer.  

As the saying goes, don’t put all your money into the one basket. What this means is if you are going onto an online casino with $60 in your fund to spend, we recommend that you split this sum up into six $10 dollars per game or even three $20 dollars per game. This gives you a better balance going into a game. Think of it this way, if you were to lose your first game while you are just getting started, you have washed a total of $60 down the dunny.

Knowing when enough is enough

Being able to know when to throw in the towel and say enough is enough or even just being able to stick to your daily/ weekly budget is something a lot of people can struggle with. While it is all well and good for us to say, just stop! It may not be that easy for some people and we are fully aware of this. For newcomers to online pokies in NZ, we recommend that you never chase your losses. This means, you set aside some ‘fun money’ that allows you to budget any extra cash you may have to enjoy chancing your luck online, but never try to chase back your losses by adding to this fund. Remind yourself why you set this money aside and realise that you also have bills to pay etc and be sensible. While of course, you can win big on real money pokies, you really just don’t know the luck of the draw as pokies is such a game of chance. Gamble with intelligence and be aware of your budget throughout your gaming.


It is somewhat clear that it is not just luck that separates the good from the bad gamblers, but prudence and restraint. Keep your money in play as long as you can and again, sticking to a realistic budget you have set knowing the rest of your monthly outings. Try playing for less risky slots so you can play more – after all it is the entertainment we are here for.

How to know if a new casino is a secure and reputable platform

Picture it now, playing a few rounds of your favourite online casino game – feeling that rush of adrenaline shoot through your body as you inch closer and closer to that next big win – is a fabulous way to blow off steam after a hard day or treat yourself to a spot of ‘you’ time’.

Sounds great right? Well, of course, the last thing you want is to have to worry about whether or not the entertaining games you are playing are actually safe and secure. Who wants to worry about ‘where is my data going once I click this button’? or  ‘are my credit card details safe here’? This is something I certainly don’t want to be worrying about and I am pretty sure you don’t want to be either. 

A good rule of thumb is to know what to look out for before you jump in head first and be hit with a harsh reality down the line. So we are here to answer the question on everyone’s lips, how can you filter out the reliable online casinos from the ones that are not so trustworthy?

Don’t fret my fellow gamer, we have done all the hard work for you and gathered the top 5 tips for choosing a secure casino online and how to spot any warning signs to help you to know what casinos to stay away from.

Look at license quality

Like most things in life, if it doesn’t look right, then it more than likely isn’t, however, with more and more developers popping up left right and centre nowadays, it can be hard to know who to trust. Therefore, we recommend that you look out for any licensed gaming logos. You should make yourself familiar with names such as the UKGC or the MGA -these are two bodies which have passed the tough regulations of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. There are also some European licensing authorities so make sure to do your homework and see who of the logo’s attached to any websites represent. A quick way to know if you are in danger is if you spot no licensed logos whatsoever. Overall, you are more than likely to be safe if you see any of the logo’s you are already familiar with if not, do your research.

Check out the sites software providers

As the old saying goes, you are the company you keep and that is very relevant for casinos and their software providers. You can tell a lot about a casino by checking out who they work with. There are some really well-established software providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Nektan and Playtech.  

We highly recommend that as soon as you come across a new casino, that you fancy playing with, make sure to have a look at the gaming library that the casino has to offer. (Don’t forget to also take into account, the overall offerings and promotions which are on offer with these games and the casino overall.

Stay up to date

We recommend that you keep your ear to the ground and have a fair idea about what is going on in the world of online casinos. You can find out a lot about a particular casino by googling the name of the casino, you are more than likely going to find out quite a bit from casino forums, facebook chats or even google web listings themselves. Make sure to suss out which casinos have a good reputation from the ones that will waste both your time and money.  

Due to the fact that in the eyes of a casino, it is all about you, the player –  This can, of course, be to your benefit. So while there is some serious bonus offers available, you want to make sure that you are not putting your time and dollars into the wrong casinos. Another important aspect which must be taken into account when you are doing your research on new casinos is their customer service. You can be sure to get some true insight into casinos via other players and their experience when gaming with the casino you have your eye on.

One thing that is for sure is that any reputable casino will have high-end customer support service that speaks for itself. While you may find the answer to your problem in the FAQ’s, it is well within your rights to contact a member of the customer service team and have your problem resolved in a timely and professional manner.


5 quick tips to online gaming for newcomers

Pick safe and secure casinos

While it is all well and good to play online gaming for entertainment purposes, it is essential to make sure that your data and information is kept safe and secure while you play online. Tips to stay safe while online would be to look out for certain logos such as the eCogra safe and fair –  approved casinos is a list of casinos which have been fully vetted and verified to be 100% safe and secure to use.  Other reputable organisations such as BeGambleAware and GamCare are two other resource sites which are great for giving you the information you need on the casinos you are looking to play with.

Don’t bet more than you can afford

Make sure to set aside a set amount of cash you can afford to play with online and keep within that budget. It can be easy to get ahead of yourself if you are on a winning streak, however, it is not fun to come out of an online gaming session when you have not played in a smart manner. We recommend you play however you like you wish once you don’t over-exceed your set budget. You may be tempted to pivot this budget as you begin to win and that is all well and good but if you can’t afford to lose, you need to be careful.

Calmness is key

Keeping a cool head and making sure you are making smart and structured decisions is key for successful gaming. Don’t rush from game to game, take a look around and see what game providers are available and what games they to offer. While there are free spins, these are mainly only for the same sort of slot games – So if you do your study of new games, you may be better off picking one and depositing with a casino you know you will enjoy changing your luck with as you are more familiar and aware of what to expect.

Do your research

As mentioned above, while on the topic of safety online, it is important to do your research before you jump in head first without checking if a site is legit. It may be hard or even impossible to get your deposit back as some scam sites have fake fronts for customer service providers which means you are better of looking before you leap and never see your hard earned cash ever again.

Never download games from unknown sites

Another tip that we can’t recommend more to new online players is to make sure not to download or install any software that they are not familiar with. If you have any doubts or are lead to any sites which you do not know too well – search before you click. Search the web to see what other players are saying about this particular site. You can check out websites such as casino meister which is a fantastic casino forum that updates in real time to let players know about any hot topics or any issues that may be relevant to the online casino world.


Casino of the Month –  June 2018

A well-established contender on the casino front, Dunder Casino was established in March of 2016. From the same Swedish casino professionals who made Casumo, this malta based brand is going from strength to strength. With their super innovate and fresh approach to the gaming industry – These guys are bound for success after success as their main focus is to constantly improve the user experience.

Despite being a young pup on the scene, Dunder casinos has catapulted into the online casino scene and there are no signs of it slowing down. With over 600 online games available to readily play on desktop alongside the massive 75 online casino game that can be played on the go via your smart device  – there really is 24/7 access to the fun and entertainment.

Great Cash And Gaming Bonuses For New Customers

Speaking of entertainment, you will not be stuck for choice when looking to change things up while you play with Dunder. As online casino gaming professionals, the founders of Dunder Casino aims to deliver the best possible new welcome package known to man as they themselves know what the people want. As a new player to Dunder, you will automatically receive 20 free spins to play on the Netent Starburst pokies. To add to the benefit of this, you won’t even have to deposit a single penny of your own cash. Winning!

Additionally, you will also be able to triple your initial deposit up to a stunning $50. Yet, the real cherry on top is you will get another 180 free spins for Starburst pokies at this stage. This is distributed as 20 free spins over the course of a nine-day period. Note that these are nine consecutive days which are activated on the date of your first deposit.

While some casinos just offer an initial cash bonus at the beginning, Dunder goes the extra mile by not only offering this – but also giving an additional top up of a further 50% on your second deposit up to the sum of $150.00. Take for example. You opt in by depositing $300.00 – you will then automatically get another $150.00 of real money to play with Dunder however you please – now doesn’t that sound a bit of alright?

Dunder is also very focused on looking after their big spenders, so if you fancy yourself as a high- roller, you can look forward to another 25% on your third cash deposit which is catered for up to a whopping $400.00. I.e Deposit a maximum of $1,600 and receive a bankroll total sum of $2,000. – nice!

Online Gaming with ‘no funny business’

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it is true, pure perfection takes time. Therefore, as self-confessed avid online gamers, the founders of Dunder have put a lot of time and resources in order to create the perfect – clutter-free interface for players to play at ease. With years of gaming experience playing on busy platforms which would easily give you a headache in no time, Dunder’s founders sought to fix this issue. With an opportunity to create their own brand which answers all the issues and pain points of their fellow gamers, they did just that. They wanted an online gaming platform which was easily accessible, clear to read, secure and more importantly – extremely enjoyable to play on.

By creating this modern and innovate brand to be one that is extremely user-friendly, Dunder allows gamers to play what they want, how they want. With a partnership with the leading software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, Dunder can effortlessly offer some of the world’s leading online casino games at the touch of a button. With moves towards the live casino scene, you can now interact and talk to the live dealers, who are dishing out the cards for a completely immersive gaming experience like nothing you have ever experienced before.

To top it off, Dunder operates under European Union (EU) legislation and their full standards. This means that customers can rest assured that all their sensitive data and bankroll is completely safe at all times.

Fast And Safe Online Payment Methods

Welcoming gamers from all four corners of the globe, Dunder casino offers myriad safe online payment methods, including speedy  withdrawals:

  • VISA / MasterCard
  • Deposits: $20 Min –  $5,000 max
  • Withdrawals: $20 Min –  $5,000 max
  • Av. withdrawal time: 1-3 working days


  • Skrill
  • Deposit: $20 min – $5,000 max
  • Withdrawal: $20 min – $5,000 max
  • Av. withdrawal time: straight away
  • Deposit: $20 min –  $5,000 max
  • Withdrawal: $20 min – $5,000 max
  • Av. withdrawal time: straight away
  • Paysafecard
  • Deposit: $20 min – deposit: $200 max
  • Withdrawal: $20 min – $200 max
  • Av. withdrawal time: straight away

To conclude on Dunder Casino

Overall, with Dunder’s innovate user experience, its array of casino games and its rock-solid payment methods not to mention how new the site is, we would say that there is a bright future for this online casino platform for sure. If you want up to date, top quality software then Dunder casino may just be the right fit for you. As mentioned before, Dunder is created by gamers, for gamers which is clear to see in its success so far.

While Dunder offers an outstanding new customer bonus package, it must be noted that there is a clear lack of a VIP loyalty program for those who stick around and are looking to play big. Yet, to complain about that feels like picking holes just for the sake of it. All in all, we like to keep it real and transparent here at New NZ casinos so it must be noted. We can say will full confidence that Dunder is a must try especially with all the new player offers and free spins that are there at the drop of a hat.