Play some Playboy in Microgaming’s newest slot

playboy gold online pokies review




World renound game producer Microgaming have designed to spice things up by teaming with Triple Edge Studios to create the scintillating slot ‘Playboy Gold’. Announced at the ICE convention in London this year, the game was launched on the 7th of March.

Sexy slots

Microgaming online pokies are some of the most popular in New Zealand and across the world. We think that, if you’re anything like us, you have already tried their Playboy slot. As you may agree, the vibe just wasn’t right and it didn’t hit that mark for a few reasons, principally the cartoonish design wasn’t that, well, sexy.

Playboy Gold on the other hand is going to change that for the better! Right when you load the game you are greeted by two beautiful bunnies standing to each side of the reels. Whilst talking about the reels: there is a 6 x 10 reel grid and 100, you heard correctly, paylines! Whilst this is fairly common in the best mobile casinos it is something kind of new for Microgaming to be making and we welcome this with open arms.


Are Microgaming changing?

We think that what this means is that Microgaming are starting to make some BIG changes, for the better we may add! By branching out to other companies they are offering a greater variety, not just in the themes of their games, but choice as well as continuing their long standing tradition within the world of online casinos NZ.

David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming said: “To work with Playboy again has been a real pleasure. They are the most recognised and popular consumer brands in the world and Triple Edge Studios has worked tirelessly to bring the brand to life in Playboy Gold. The game is hosted by playmates Raquel and Audrey and delivers non-stop action. We are excited for the game’s launch and to be unveiling the title at the industry’s biggest trade show.”

What to expect from the Playboy Gold slot? Bunnies, luxury and the Playboy lifestyle are all yours in this new game by Microgaming. Think class, think sass and think Playboy!

House of Doom slot game Review

House of doom online pokie review

Prepare for some spooky slots in this new online pokies for 2018 by Play N Go. Available to play across all devices (we love this!) House of Doom is a five reel, 10 payline slow horror themed slot game and is certainly not for the faint hearted! A scary skull is the gateway to the wild reel in the game if it lands on a highlighted reel and whatsmore, speaking of skulls, House of Doom also comes with a bonus game Skulls of Abyss that lets you pick skulls to win cash prizes or access to the dastardly titled ‘Doom Spins’. This exciting bonus gives you 10 free spins and… wait for it! An infinite amount of extra free spins. More on this below!

The bonus feature really sets this game apart, you have the Skulls of Abyss Bonus Game feature which is played when you get the Skull scatter symbol simultaneously on reels 2, 3 and 4 (the 3 middle reels). You then pick skulls, 1 at a time, to give you hidden prizes – you can win cash prizes or trigger the Doom Spins feature (more on this below). The cash prizes go up to 20 times your stake.

Aesthetically,  as the name suggests, House of Doom has a brooding, sinister horror theme to it with a scary purple church and skulls. The music in this game is your gateway to the underworld with some monster riffs supplied by the metal soundtrack: Rock on!The spooky symbols in the online pokies game include gothic looking A, K, K Q and the 10 playing cards, barbed wire crosses, flaming roses, pentagrams and ram skulls.

The rocking  ram skulls become the symbol to look at for as they will give you 70 times your stake for 5 on a payline. The wild symbol in the game is the Seer with 2 giving you a small, but always welcome, payout and replaces all the the symbols except for the 2 scatters. 5 across a paylin will reward you with an impressive 100 times your total stake. What we love about the game is that 1 reel is chosen at random and highlighted on each base game spin meaning that if the wild symbol lands with the chosen reel it expands and gives you a wild reel.

The main feature of the game is the Doom Spins feature. This awesome addition is played with the House of Doom symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time and give you 10 free spins! Not only do you get 10 free spins but the the House of Doom scatter also changes into a House of Doom wild symbol giving you another wild.

The House of Symbol scatter is something to keep your eyes peeled and appears on reels 1,3 and 5 rewarding you with more free spins! If that doesn’t sound good then wait for this… there is no limit on how many times you can do this! Between 2 to 5 reels are highlighted on each free spin – when a wild or wild House of Doom symbol lands on the highlighted reel they expand giving you another wild reel! This can end up giving you 5 wild reels on every free spin! Stay up to date with the best online casinos in NZ and new pokies games for 2018 with New NZ Casinos. 

Cash of Kingdoms by Microgaming Announced

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Welcome back to the New NZ Casinos reviews’ blog where we bring you the latest news and development in online casinos, online pokies NZ and more. In today’s blog entry we look at the exciting new game ‘Cash of Kingdoms’ by the world renound Microgaming and give you all you need to know about this exciting new online pokies game.

Announced at day 3 of ICE in London, Microgaming made the big reveal at the largest conference in the world for online casinos and online pokies. Bringing together industry leading bodies, the best software providers, ICE was the who’s who of the online gaming world.

Microgaming spared no expense in announcing this exciting and innovative new pokies game and decorated the venue with the theme of the game. Suits of armour, archery targets, gunpowder kegs and more all transformed the bar into a medieval fantasy setting highlighting the theme and concept of Cash of Kingdoms. Whats more, live entertainment was provided by contortionists dressed as archers who performed to the catchy soundtrack of the game.

Whilst the game has not been released that what we do know is that Microgaming are continuing to innovate and offer exciting new features in the world of online casinos and online pokies. Cash of Kingdoms will be a 5 reel, 15 payline slot game all set within a fantasy, medieval world. Exciting and colourful characters such as knights, archers and mages will lead players on an adventure with generous bonus features. New features include a brand new Invading Wilds bonus, where flaming arrows will fire down on the reels and bring more winnings to the gamers.

Cash of Kingdoms will be an adventure that can be enjoyed at home or on the go. The mobile optimised game allows you to take the action with you and will be an action packed pokies games that offers players a high return.


Why we love mobile casinos

Online Casino


Welcome back to the New NZ Casinos Reviews’ blog where we bring you the very best in online casinos NZ, Online pokies and more. Now, it is no secret that we are huge gamers! We have worked in the industry for, and we are showing our age a bit, a combined total of 50 years! That’s right, our three member team, small but packs a punch we add, have worked for over 5 decades in the world of both online and offline casinos. In today’s entry we share our insights and explain why we are so passionate about mobile casinos. Not just mobile casinos but the best mobile casinos New Zealand has to offer.

In our short blog we give you 5 reasons why you should be gaming on the go and try out our tried and tested mobile casinos New Zealand

Variety of games

Did you know that in the world of online casinos mobile gaming is evolving faster than desktop gaming? That’s right, top software providers such as Netent, Microgaming and Nektan are all increasingly developing more games for mobile devices. This upsurge in developers creating mobile casino games in NZ and the world shows a shift away from desktop gaming. Don’t worry though! Desktop casinos will still be around for a long time, it’s just that the industry is evolving with technology and consumer trends. We sat down and had a chat between ourselves after a busy day reviewing new games and all came to the same conclusion: Mobile gaming is the future and it’s time to get playing!

Optimised to play on the go

So, we’re sure that most of you reading this have a mobile phone or tablet. In fact you may even own both. We all know the flexibility and ease that having a mobile gives you. You can text anyone, make calls easily and use all of your favourite apps. You carry it everywhere. Our routine when we go out is always check 1) Keys 2) Cards 3) mobile phone. If anything, and we know you’ve heard someone say it, you may feel lost without your mobile phone. With this in mind developers know that phones have become a part of us and mobile casinos are catching up to this. The best mobile casinos in New Zealand are optimised to run efficiently and smoothly on your mobile device and offer a superior gaming experience than trying to access a desktop casino on a mobile device.

Play anytime, anywhere

We hate waiting. We really do. We can’t even begin to tell you how long we have had to wait to play our favourite games in a casino or even on a desktop. Also, how frustrating is it when you get into your game and you’re playing and winning but have to stop to go out? With mobile casinos this simply isn’t an issue. Take your favourite games with you and play where ever and whenever you want! Mobile casinos give you the freedom to game and choose to play your favourite games when and how you want.

Android or iPhone

So, this debate rears its head once more! Android or iPhone! We won’t go into the specifics of what handset or brand is better (its a touchy subject for our team you see) but we will tell you once thing. In the world of online casinos both Android and iPhone users are embraced. That’s right the big developers know that there is a huge amount of gamers on both systems and develop their games accordingly.

Dedicated gaming apps 

Finally, speaking of games that are developed accordingly mobile casinos go one step further. As in one of our previous points where we mention that games are optimised for mobile play developers have cleverly gone one step further and created dedicated gaming apps for all of your favourite online casino games. From mobile pokies to mobile poker, there is a huge amount of apps that run amazingly on mobile devices. What this means is that you have an exciting experience (think sounds, graphics and more) that offers your an enjoyable and exciting product.




Online pokies vs traditional pokies

online casino vs traditional casino

Welcome back to the New NZ Casinos Reviews blog where we bring you all you need to know about the latest online pokies, best online casinos NZ and more. In this week’s blog entry we cast our expert eye towards online pokies and bring you all you need to know about the difference between online and offline pokies.

It is no secret that we simply love online pokies. Before starting our website (that brings you the best online pokies and online casinos in NZ) we played a lot of pokies. We still do, of course,  but we used to play more! As the most popular online casino game in NZ, pokies attract Kiwi players from across the country for a variety of reasons. Excellent odds, the ease of play and, not to mention, the exciting software are just a few reasons why Kiwis are flocking to play online pokies on both desktop and mobile.

Pokies have changed a lot over the years. It comes as no surprise that with the development of the internet, mobile casinos in NZ and technology as a whole, the world of online pokies in New Zealand and across the planet has developed at an exciting pace. It is easy to feel a bit confused when choosing an online casino to play online pokies as, if you haven’t played for a while, things have most certainly moved on. However, what is reassuring is that whilst the aesthetics and general look of the games have changed, the overall core mechanics of online pokies has not. Going even further we could say that the mechanics of pokies machines have not changed in over 200 years! Quite simply, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

So, just what are the differences between online and offline pokies? Our expert gamers outline all you need to know about the differences, and a few similarities, between online pokies vs offline pokies helping you to make the transition from the pub to gaming on the go via your mobile or in the comfort of your own home.


Firstly, jumping into the world of online pokies NZ one of the main things you may notice is the HUGE variety of games. Traditional, bricks and mortar casinos are limited by space. Online there exists no such limits. Online pokies have a massive selection of games to choose from making it easy to choose your favourite classic themed pokies or exciting new themed games that tie into to your favourite music, films and more. Whatsmore, new games are regularly added meaning that you constantly have fresh and fun pokies to play. Usually the new games will have added bonuses with the casinos to tempt you in to play so have a look out for new online pokies bonuses.


No more waiting

How frustrating is it when you go to a casino and have to wait to play your favourite pokies machine? Yes, we’ve all been there. The annoying wait when you see some bloke playing on the machine you want to play. It’s enough to make you get up and leave. With online pokies you need never to worry about waiting again. Unlike physical casinos online casinos have no waiting times meaning that you can login, choose your favourite online pokies game and start playing.

Play where you want, when you want

So you want to game but the casino is a good few kilometers away. Get the keys, lock the house and drive 30 minutes to play. We agree, you’re wasting time getting there as opposed to actually playing. We won’t even go into the traffic. Online pokies are far superior compared to offline pokies as you can play them anytime and anywhere. Yep, simply login to your laptop, tablet or mobile and get gaming. Did you know that online casinos never close? Had a nice evening out with the lads and fancy a spin? Grab your mobile and get gaming.

Money, Money, Money

So, once you’ve got to the casino and want to play you need to, of course, change up your hard earned New Zealand dollars. Again, you have to wait to get the change to play. Why so many hurdles when all you want to do is enjoy your favourite game? Online pokies make waiting for change a thing of the past. Simply register with the online casino to play pokies and set up your details and play without having to wait for change ever again.


Get paid to play

When was the last time an offline casino paid you to play their games? To be quite honest, we have never been so lucky as to be paid to play and most of our games haven’t either. Online casinos offer a wealth of sign up & deposit bonuses, free spins and attractive offers to get you gaming, offline casinos simply cannot compete with these amazing sign up offers!

Practice makes perfect

Have you ever been allowed free spins at an offline casino? Probably not! Online casinos knock it out of the park when it comes to free spins and letting you practice before you put your hard earned dollars down. That’s right, most casinos will offer you the chance to play for free, allowing you to get a feel for the reel before committing to play with your money.


Finally, one of the biggest advantages of playing online pokies compared to offline pokies is the freedom that the internet gives you. Whilst ID is required to set up your account playing online pokies means that you do not need ID to play each time. With online pokies you have the freedom to play as much as you want without anyone knowing who you are.

So, we think you will agree, online pokies outclass offline pokies in every field. Discover the best pokies NZ with NZ Casino Reviews and enjoy playing the best pokies NZ has to offer.


How to Avoid Rogue Casinos

How to avoid rogue casinos






Welcome back to the official New NZ Casinos blog where we bring you our top tips and our expert advice in the world of online pokies and table games in NZ. In today’s blog we don our detective hat and delve into the world of sleazy slots and how to avoid those dodgy casinos online. Elementary we think you will agree.

So, how do you stay safe when gaming online? Since the early 90s the internet revolution has lead to an explosion of online pokies and online casinos in NZ. This has lead to established and regulated casinos that secure your money and keep your personal details safe. However, sadly there have been a lot of cowboys out there looking to make a quick buck. Sites like ourselves exist not only to bring you the best bonuses for online pokies but also to help you to find safe, fair and secure online casinos where you can game in safety and not have to worry about your personal details or winnings.

How to tell if an online casino is reputable

Our simple checklist can help you to stay safe online, always remember to check the following:

  • Does the website look professional? Is the wording across the site spelt correctly? Does the branding match across different pages? If there is sloppy spelling and the site generally does not look great then be very careful.
  • Is casino licensed? Look out for logos of gaming regulators that should be displayed very clearly across the site.
  • Look for how easy it is to contact the support teams of the casino. Live chat, phone and email details, again, should be clearly labelled across the site. Knowing that there are support teams to help you shows that a casino is legit. These are normally 24/7 operations and exist to answer your questions and queries.
  • Does the online casino have pages dedicated to most or all of the following sections? ‘Security’; ‘Terms and Conditions’; ‘Responsible Gambling’; ‘About Us’; Privacy Policy’.
  • Fairness. Now, one of the most important factors of whether or not an online casino is regulated is if it is fair. Is the site tested regularly by any of these global leaders in testing eCOGRA, iTech Labs, Gaming Laboratories International, BMM Test Labs? These independent companies test for fair gameplay, validate game payouts, and concern themselves with customer safety and responsible operator conduct.
  • Does the address have https:// in front of the URL? All online casinos need to have a secure connection as they deal with the transfer for sensitive information.
  • Does the casino use respected and reputable software designers like like Microgaming, Playtech, and Netent?

Remember, it is vital to stay safe when you game online. Remember these three key concepts: secure, fair and safe and stick by our checklist to avoid those dodgy sites.

Mobile vs Desktop Casinos

mobile casinos new zealand



Welcome back to New NZ Casinos blog bringing you the very best in the world of online casinos New Zealand. In this week’s entry we delve into the world of mobile and desktop casinos and bring you all you need to know about gaming in the palm of your hand or through your computer. 

It is no secret that gaming is changing. From an abundance of the best pokies in NZ to the best real money casinos in NZ, 2018 sees gamers truly spoilt for choice. Whilst many gamers often spend their time, quite rightly we think, considering which games to play and the best casinos not many look at the advantages and disadvantages of mobile casinos vs desktop casinos. Back in the day the worthwhile way to play game online was at home through a desktop computer. As mobile phones have becoming increasingly powerful and internet coverage and connection through mobile devices has improved drastically more and more players look to game on the go. Will this lead to less gamers playing on desktops? Find out in as we compare the advantages and disadvantages of mobile gaming and desktop gaming.

What is mobile gaming?

Firstly, it is important to know that not all mobile gaming is the same. Often you will see the opportunity to game either via a browser (Safari, Chrome and Firefox for example) or via a dedicated app that can be downloaded from the app store of your choice such as the app store for iPhone, the Google Play store or from the Windows store. Now, there are differences in playing in a dedicated app or via a browser. Let’s use this example: Have you ever accessed Facebook through an app on your phone? Now, have you ever accessed Facebook through a browser on your phone. Whilst accessing Facebook through a browser you may notice that it takes slightly longer to load and that it isn’t as easy to use. The dedicated app makes accessing Facebook a lot easier and it is optimised to run perfectly on the phone that you are using. The same goes for online games. Whilst it is possible to game through a browser the experiences may not be as good as using the dedicated app. We always recommend that apps generally are better to game than using browsers as some mobile casinos aren’t fully optimised for mobile use.


  • You need a solid internet connection to play
  • Browser gaming offers quick access whereas you have to wait for the app to download
  • Live dealer mobile gaming is becoming more popular but requires the latest software and mobiles to play it

Size of screen

With new technologies online gaming has never been better. Top software providers such as netent, microgaming and playtech are constantly creating new experiences with amazing graphics and incredible sounds. With this in mind the size of the screen that you play on is important! Whilst mobile gaming and mobile casinos allow you to game on the go desktop gaming allows you to experience the games in their full glory.

On the go gaming
The BIGGEST advantage of mobile casinos is that you carry a casino in your pocket. How cool is that? On the train? Waiting for a friend? Checking out at the supermarket? Whip out your mobile and enjoy the thrill of gaming anytime, anywhere any place. This is one area that desktops simply can’t compete in and mobile gaming wins hands down.

More games to play on mobile
Interestingly it has been revealed that there are actually more games to play on mobile devices than on desktop devices. There has been a sudden emergence of mobile only casinos that reflect the way in which mobile phones have become an increasingly common part of day life. With this in mind many game producers are starting to produce mobile only gaming sites.

More casinos on desktop
However! Ironically, whilst there are more mobile games there are many many more desktop casinos than mobile casinos. Think about it, desktop gaming is cemented and established meaning that casinos now are making moves in the mobile gaming world. We think that what will happen is that all the best real money pokies in NZ and other casinos will 1) optimise their sites for both desktop and mobile gaming 2) improve the experience of browser based mobile casinos and 3) create dedicated apps.

So, what do you choose? Of course it is entirely up to you and we want you to have all the information when choosing the best online casinos in New Zealand. There is always a time and a place for everything and gaming is no exception. The choice is entirely yours! Both desktop gaming and mobile gaming have their advantages and the primary advantage to mobile gaming is the ability to game on the go. Desktop gaming has the advantage of having a greater variety of casinos and, generally, more richer experiences.

Our expert guide to staying safe at online casinos

Staying safe in online casinos



Welcome back to the New NZ Casinos blog. Each week we will be covering the most important topics in the world of online casinos in New Zealand. Our experienced and expert team reviews the best online pokies in NZ and the best real money casinos to bring you the best bonuses and more. This week we will cover one of the most important topics in online gaming: security.

Much has been made, and quite rightly, of the importance of security. As the digital universe increasingly becomes part of our day to day lives it is vital to understand how to remain safe and secure online. Why is security so important for online casinos? For starters, think of an online casino as a bank that deals in transactions. You wouldn’t trust a bank that didn’t have a lock on their door, would you? Find out how to stay safe in the best casinos in New Zealand with our complete guide to casino security.

Passwords and Login-Ins
Each player who registers with an online casino in New Zealand has to create their own username and password. Sometimes additional security questions are required which provide and extra layer of security should the password become compromised. When choosing your username and password we recommend making them as unique as possible and difficult to crack. Make sure that you use a unique password or username for each casino, consider changing your password regularly and using numbers, capital letters and symbols to make your password even more unique.

ID and Age Verification
Usually when you make your first money deposit into a casino you are required to provide further ID. This protects against identity theft, by making sure that the person is who they say they are, and prevents under-age gaming. Often, ID verification requires emailing or uploading a scan of ID such as a driving license or passport. This process is straightforward and shouldn’t take too long. Once you are verified you can start playing the best online pokies in NZ and more.

Random Number Generator Testing
It’s not just personal information and finances that are important when playing pokies online. Fairness is vital to ensure that you are gaming in a safe and fair environment. Each online casino game is governed by a Random Number Generator or RNG for short. When you hit spin or deal in a online casino a random set of numbers are decided by the RNG. These then say where the slot reels should stop or what card is dealt in a hand of blackjack. RNG mimic the random actions when a reel is spun or a deck is shuffled in a land based casino. For RNGs to be fully fair they must be tested and approved by various bodies. eCOGRA and TST are two of the world’s leading online casino regulators and regularly audit and test games to ensure their fairness. Casinos are regularly audited and display their certificates from these two bodies on the websites. Always look for either an eCOGRA or TST certificate to know that you are playing in a fair and licensed online casino in New Zealand.

License to thrill
The best real money casinos in New Zealand, and the only ones you should play, are licensed. There exists strict criteria that casinos must follow in order to get and maintain their license. Each country has their own set of requirements but broadly speaking the requirement of a gaming license ensure that bankroll money is kept in a different account (on the casino) to ensure that there is always money to pay back the players. Again, online casinos are regularly audited to check that they meet the criteria and are able to continue to use their license.

Deposit Restrictions
Each casino automatically sets a restriction on the amount of money a player can deposit and withdraw over a set period of time. Over time these limits are adjusted allowing a player to deposit or withdraw bigger or larger amounts. This is an important safety measure to provide as it protects players from credit card fraud (falsely using someone’s bank details to play) and ensures a healthy environment in which to enjoy gaming.

Avoid rogue casinos
Online casino sites can be blacklisted for all sorts of reasons: inaccurate withdrawal amounts, slow payments, or welcome bonus offers aren’t honoured. Perhaps the software freezes or the spins on that new slot look suspiciously un-random.

At New NZ Casinos we only recommend secure, fair and tested online casinos to bring you the best pokies in 2018 and more. Discover our carefully choosen real money casinos in New Zealand that ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. 


The pros and cons of using bitcoin in online casinos


Online Casino and Bitcoin

Welcome to our brand new New NZ Casinos reviews’ blog! Each week we will cover the most important topics in gaming and bring you our expert advise and in depth analysis of the industry.

Bitcoin logoIn today’s blog post we look into a topic that is dominating headlines worldwide.. Bitcoin. More precisely, we outline the pros and cons of using bitcoin when you game. Since 2009 Bitcoin (BTC) has become the darling of cryptocurrencies. For example, one Bitcoin in 2010 (it wasn’t even officially traded in 2009!) was worth $0.39. Fast forward 7 years and 1 Bitcoin is worth an astonishing $14,270.95!

With this global surge in the value of Bitcoin across the globe the number of casinos (and other businesses)  who accept bitcoin is rapidly increasing. From pokies to roulette, blackjack to poker, Bitcoins are accepted across a huge range of games from many casinos. So, why choose to pay in Bitcoin? Check out our quick fire points below on the pros and cons of using Bitcoin at online casinos.

Zero or No transaction fees. With no middlemen, such as bank or credit card intermediaries,   involved you will not be charged for using Bitcoin. Say goodbye to high transaction fees or blocks on credit card transactions.

Speed of transaction. Usually speaking Bitcoin transactions are instantaneous and allow you to get down to some serious gaming quicker than other deposit methods. What does make Bitcoin slightly different from other payment methods is that each transaction needs to be confirmed from the central index. This usually takes no longer than 5 minutes to confirm the deposit.

Decentralised nature. With no central regulating authority Bitcoins cannot be taken away from you or your account cannot be frozen unlike flat currencies. You owe your money and how you control your transactions.

Secure. Bitcoin is one of the most secure cryptocurrency and do not require any personal data being submitted thus protecting you from identity theft.

Privacy. With no personal information attached to your bitcoin wallet (the place where you store your Bitcoin) the public do not know what you have purchased. However, each transaction is centrally recorded and transparent meaning that balances can be viewed.

Inflation proof. The number of Bitcoins to ever be issued is limited to 21 million and Bitcoin volume growth is predictable, so they cannot be churned out like fiat currencies and poured into economy.

Of course, a pros and cons list wouldn’t be complete without the cons! As with all of our advice we want out players to have all the information at their fingertips not only to make better decisions but to become better players through better decisions. So, what are some of the cons in using Bitcoin as a payment method?

Bitcoin can be volatile. Bitcoin can be very unstable. As we have seen, Bitcoin has made incredible gains upward but this has not been without drops. It is not uncommon for the currency to drop up to 5% in one day which means that if you deposit the value may be less when you withdraw and convert to other currencies.

It’s a “new” currency. Bitcoin is still in its early stages and is being developed constantly. This means that features are being added and it is becoming more accessible.

Not as common as other payment methods. With the cryptocurrency still in its infancy, not all of your favourite casinos may accept it as a payment method. Having said that, many casinos and businesses are increasingly taking up Bitcoin and its user base is growing each month.  

And finally….

One very important thing to consider when using Bitcoins at an online casino is whether the casino allows you to actually gamble using Bitcoin as an in-game currency, or whether it converts Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals to or from another currency to use at the casino. If  it is the latter, bare in mind Bitcoin’s fluctuating exchange rate to flat currencies. Therefore if you want to avoid any currency exchange fluctuations you are best off choosing a casino that supports Bitcoin natively as an in-game currency.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of using Bitcoin in online casinos. Do you use Bitcoin to game? Would you use Bitcoin as your preferred payment method? Let us know your thoughts and join in our growing community by commenting below!