A kiwi’s guide to low wager bonuses in nz

Everyone’s loves free stuff and it is not much different when it comes to players and their online bonuses. However, online casino pros will know that not all bonuses were created equal. Anyone who is even somewhat familiar with online casinos will have figured out when it comes to bonuses, that it’s not just about the highest amount of free money that a casino can through at you that will keep you interested.

You can have two offers that offer a 100% bonus to choose from, but if you look at their terms and conditions you might find one is actually that little bit less attractive when you take off those rose tinted glasses. It is, in fact, the important terms and wagering requirements that tie you in long-term that give you the actual value of the bonus overall.

What’s a wagering requirement you ask? That’s the amount of real money you need use up or bet with before you can withdraw your winnings that were won using your bonus money. So, the lower the wagering requirement, the better the deal, because it means an easier and faster cash out. Thus, if you can win using your bonus money and not have to deposit much more of your own money before you can withdrawal than happy days.

While we have just given you a quick overview of what a wagering requirement is and that low means its better, we want to jump right in and give you the further in’s and out’s that come with casino bonuses and all that is involved.

The real value comes in the details. We’ve sourced some of the most played and trusted online casinos by New Zealanders, such as lucky nugget casino and Voodoo dreams casino and Jackpot city and we have compared and contrasted them all to see who has the lowest wagering bonuses.

But wait, that’s not all. There is also this thing called gaming contribution that affects the quality of the bonus, although this is mostly relevant for table game players and we have also thrown this into the mix to ensure the best possible insight for our readers to know all there is to know about the best bonuses around.

You’ll often see the contributions stated in the terms and conditions. It might say, for example, that slots contribute 100%, and blackjack and video pokers contribute 20%.

In straightforward English, it means that every single real money bet you make on pokies will go towards meeting the bonus’ wagering requirement.

On the other hand, if you are a blackjack aficionado, if you play $100 on blackjack, only $20 of that $100 will go towards the wagering requirement. Obviously, it is much harder for the blackjack player to meet the requirement.

Typically, most table games that involve strategy like Classic Blackjack and Hold’em, plus video pokers that are known for frequent and high payouts will have much lower contributions than pokies and jackpots. If you’re into these games or table pokers, then it is advised to play with real money and to think of bonus money as practice cash, because it’s generally not worth running after the wagering requirement. Table game players should keep an eye out for Live Casino bonuses because the terms behind these are much more suitable for table game play, compared to the standard bonuses that are catered to pokies.

To check and compare all bonuses and the wager requirements, head over to our bonus page or our casino review now.

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