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Welcome back to New NZ Casinos blog bringing you the very best in the world of online casinos New Zealand. In this week’s entry we delve into the world of mobile and desktop casinos and bring you all you need to know about gaming in the palm of your hand or through your computer. 

It is no secret that gaming is changing. From an abundance of the best pokies in NZ to the best real money casinos in NZ, 2018 sees gamers truly spoilt for choice. Whilst many gamers often spend their time, quite rightly we think, considering which games to play and the best casinos not many look at the advantages and disadvantages of mobile casinos vs desktop casinos. Back in the day the worthwhile way to play game online was at home through a desktop computer. As mobile phones have becoming increasingly powerful and internet coverage and connection through mobile devices has improved drastically more and more players look to game on the go. Will this lead to less gamers playing on desktops? Find out in as we compare the advantages and disadvantages of mobile gaming and desktop gaming.

What is mobile gaming?

Firstly, it is important to know that not all mobile gaming is the same. Often you will see the opportunity to game either via a browser (Safari, Chrome and Firefox for example) or via a dedicated app that can be downloaded from the app store of your choice such as the app store for iPhone, the Google Play store or from the Windows store. Now, there are differences in playing in a dedicated app or via a browser. Let’s use this example: Have you ever accessed Facebook through an app on your phone? Now, have you ever accessed Facebook through a browser on your phone. Whilst accessing Facebook through a browser you may notice that it takes slightly longer to load and that it isn’t as easy to use. The dedicated app makes accessing Facebook a lot easier and it is optimised to run perfectly on the phone that you are using. The same goes for online games. Whilst it is possible to game through a browser the experiences may not be as good as using the dedicated app. We always recommend that apps generally are better to game than using browsers as some mobile casinos aren’t fully optimised for mobile use.


  • You need a solid internet connection to play
  • Browser gaming offers quick access whereas you have to wait for the app to download
  • Live dealer mobile gaming is becoming more popular but requires the latest software and mobiles to play it

Size of screen

With new technologies online gaming has never been better. Top software providers such as netent, microgaming and playtech are constantly creating new experiences with amazing graphics and incredible sounds. With this in mind the size of the screen that you play on is important! Whilst mobile gaming and mobile casinos allow you to game on the go desktop gaming allows you to experience the games in their full glory.

On the go gaming
The BIGGEST advantage of mobile casinos is that you carry a casino in your pocket. How cool is that? On the train? Waiting for a friend? Checking out at the supermarket? Whip out your mobile and enjoy the thrill of gaming anytime, anywhere any place. This is one area that desktops simply can’t compete in and mobile gaming wins hands down.

More games to play on mobile
Interestingly it has been revealed that there are actually more games to play on mobile devices than on desktop devices. There has been a sudden emergence of mobile only casinos that reflect the way in which mobile phones have become an increasingly common part of day life. With this in mind many game producers are starting to produce mobile only gaming sites.

More casinos on desktop
However! Ironically, whilst there are more mobile games there are many many more desktop casinos than mobile casinos. Think about it, desktop gaming is cemented and established meaning that casinos now are making moves in the mobile gaming world. We think that what will happen is that all the best real money pokies in NZ and other casinos will 1) optimise their sites for both desktop and mobile gaming 2) improve the experience of browser based mobile casinos and 3) create dedicated apps.

So, what do you choose? Of course it is entirely up to you and we want you to have all the information when choosing the best online casinos in New Zealand. There is always a time and a place for everything and gaming is no exception. The choice is entirely yours! Both desktop gaming and mobile gaming have their advantages and the primary advantage to mobile gaming is the ability to game on the go. Desktop gaming has the advantage of having a greater variety of casinos and, generally, more richer experiences.

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